mary johnstoneBeing a long-time member (54 years!) of the Johnstone family, people often ask me if I “like to sail." The answer is, "I love boating" – just being out on the water, enjoying being afloat and outdoors, exploring new ports and harbors, and visiting old friends and family along the way. Whether racing, day-sailing, picnicking, or cruising on extended trips, being on the water takes me back to the elemental basics of life, free of stress, free of bad news, free to focus on beauty, on today’s weather, on the agenda (or lack of!) for the next eight hours."

Sailing has always been a joyful part of my life, since I was very young during summers on Islesford (Little Cranberry Island), Maine. When I met Bob, I discovered that sailing takes many forms. I joined him to discover the exhilaration of “round-the-buoys” racing in Mercurys, Sunfish, Rainbows, Solings and 470s. Also, there's the peace & joy of extended cruises first on chartered Hinckleys--- then after 1978, on just about every J/Boat ever designed from the J/24 to the J/46.

When I began to feel physical discomfort from sailboat racing, Bob surprised me with the gift of a motorboat on our 40th wedding anniversary. With that Dyer 29 of ours, we discovered the delights of exploring the rivers and islands around Boothbay Harbor, Maine, where we lived at the time...then the Low Country between Charleston, South Carolina, and Sea Island, Georgia. Trucked between Maine and South Carolina with bicycles, keyboard and gear, GRACE served both as a container ship and our year-round boat.

Fast forward to 2002. Bob, who always strives to “build a better mousetrap," came up with the idea of creating “the ultimate powerboat” that would serve as a seaworthy vehicle for day-outings and cruising, comfortable and spacious enough to live aboard yet agile enough for me to take out alone. That’s how the first MJM Yacht 34z was born in 2003. It’s a whole new chapter of our life together!

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