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Within the 38-43 foot category*, the 40z reigns supreme for environmentally sensitive fuel-efficiency.  Like its smaller siblings, the performance and "fuel mileages" per gallon are unmatched by any production builder worldwide.

The 40z is simply the "greenest", most ecologically friendly powerboat for its size range.  To match 40z's technological advantage, competitors would have to transform factories, technology, philosophies and manufacturing methods to even come close to the unmatched performance of the 40z.  Simply put, a nearly 30% reduction in fuel consumption on a "miles per gallon" basis is not possible without a complete re-thinking of how powerboats are built.

It's not surprising that MJM's "green" initiative started with sailors. After all, you can't get more fuel-efficient than wind power.  Bob Johnstone, co-founder of J Boats, Inc, the world's leading performance brand of sailboats, created MJM Yachts with a similar goal in mind. For powerboats, he partnered with Doug Zurn, who he thought had the best eye for creating beautiful fast powerboats, to design the patented signature look of the brand. Then, not being able to find any powerboat builder with advanced laminate construction experience, they turned to a custom racing sailboat master builder Mark Lindsay and Boston Boatworks. Mark had 30 years experience building America's Cup and World Championship winners. The superior structural and laminate engineering skills of Steve Burke completed the team... not unlike creating a Formula One racing car team in automobiles. Only then can you begin to appreciate the know-how and experience that goes into building you the world's best 40 foot powerboat - the MJM 40z!  You can read the team profiles on this site.

If you have any questions, please contact us and we'd be happy to provide you more insights why the MJM line of "Z" powerboats are the greenest powerboats built to date!

*Overall Length of the 40z is 44' 2".

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