29z Downeast Model - Lets the Outdoors In

The reason we go boating is to get outdoors and enjoy the fresh air. The 29z Downeast Model accomplishes this in spades by having large Strataglass pilothouse side windows that roll up and are strapped in place. One additional benefit of this configuration is the ability to lean out from the wheel to loop a midship dockline over a cleat on the dock to secure the boat.  You can also use the Maine lobsterman's technique for picking up a mooring buoy in rough conditions:  Keep a dock line running outside the bowrail stanchions from the bow cleat to the midship cleat; approach the wand on the pickup buoy on the starboard side; lift up the buoy and work down to the eyesplice in the mooring pennant; put the end of the line (running from the bowcleat) through the eyesplice  and secure the end of the line back onto the midship cleat; back the boat down, letting the mooring eye run forward to the bow; shut the engine down; walk forward to secure the mooring-- a maneuver difficult at best on other powerboats.

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